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Our team is composed of a diverse group of men and women from different walks of life. Together, our firm represents the epitome of professionalism, integrity and commitment to our clients, and the dedication and hard work required to accomplish any job. 

Brian Patin

Brian Patin


Concrete Technologist 




Managing Partner


36 Years of Experience 


  • General Business

    • University of Southwestern Louisiana

    • Lafayette, LA

    • 1980-1984

  • Concrete Technologist

    • Alpena Community College

    • Alpena, Michigan

    • 1984-1986 

Representative Project Quality Control Inspection & Testing Experience:

  • I-49 Overpass Bridge 

    • City: Carencro, LA 

    • Concrete Producer 

  • Lafayette Regional Airport's Main Taxi Runway 

    • City: Lafayette, LA

    • Concrete Producer

  • Kaliste Saloom Road Extension to Highway 90 

    • ​City: Lafayette, LA

    • Concrete Producer 

  • West Congress St. Extension

    • City: Lafayette, LA 

    • Concrete Producer 

  • American Warrior's Warehouse 

    • City: Broussard, LA

    • Post Tension Installer

  • Patout Sugar's Sugar Warehouse 

    • City: Patoutville, LA

    • Post Tension Installer 

  • Tuboscope Warehouse 

    • City: Amelia, LA

    • ​Post Tension Installer 

  • Variable Bore Ram 

    • City: Broussard, LA 

    • Post Tension Installer 

  • Chretien Point Antebellum Home Additions 

    • City: Sunset, LA

    • Post Tension Inspector    

  • Bruce Foods

    • City: Cade, LA

    • ​Concrete Slab Overlay      


Brian A. Patin is a Concrete Technologist with over 35 years of experience in working with concrete, post-tension reinforcement, conventional and hybrid foundations, soils, and foundation inspections. Mr. Patin’s extensive experience includes having been a member of various boards and committees tasked with developing standards and procedures for the construction sector as well as having served as a keynote lecturer at educational seminars for both private and governmental organizations. In his current role as a managing member of Louisiana Foundation Solutions, Brian Patin utilizes his over 35 years of experience working in concrete construction to ensure projects are started and completed in a timely fashion with the utmost attention paid to quality controls, continuity of operations, and safety. 

Current & Past Memberships and Affiliations 

  • American Concrete InstituteNew Orleans Chapter

    • Board of Directors—Past 

  • American Institute of Building Designers

    • Board of Directors—Past 

  • American Concrete Institute

    • Field Testing Certification Committee—Past

  • Concrete Aggregates Association of Louisiana

    • Technical Committee Chairman—Past

Representative Project Quality Control Inspection & Testing Experience Continued: 

  • Drake Rentals Office Building

    • City: New Iberia, LA

    • Post Tension Inspector  

  • Schumberger Warehouse Addition

    • City: Youngsville, LA  

    • Concrete Inspection 

  • Carencro Water Plant

    • City: Carencro, LA

    • Concrete Supervision & Testing   

  • West Congress Street Coulee Mine Bridge Replacement

    • City: Lafayette, LA

    • Bridge Pre-Cast Inspection 

  • Luke Street

    • City: Lafayette, LA

    • Testing/Inspecting  

Current & Past Certifications & Technical Training  

  • American Concrete Institute

    • Special Construction Inspector

  • American Concrete Institute

    • Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1

  • American Concrete Institute

    • Concrete Flatwork Technician 

  • Post-Tension Institute

    • Field Fundamentals—Level 1

    • Level II Inspector 

  • Concrete Aggregates of Louisiana

    • Troubleshooting Concrete

  • National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA)

    • Pervious Concrete Technician

  • Louisiana Department of Transportation Development 

    • Field Testing Technician

  • Concrete Aggregates Association of Louisiana

    • Hot Weather Concrete Training

    • Mix Designs, Concrete Specifications, Proper Curing, Joint Placement, and Parking Lot Designs

  • National Ready Mix Concrete Association

    • Handling Concrete Specifications, Low Strength Problems and Mixture Submittals

  • Soil Nuclear Density Gauge Operator  

Please Note: This is only a small sampling of Mr. Patin's work and experience.

Reggie Ougel

Reggie Ougel

Managing Partner


15 Years Experiance 


  • Public Relations

    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette

    • Lafayette, LA

    • 1998-2005

Representative Project Quality Control Inspection & Testing Experience:

  • Sterling Sugar

    • City: Franklin, LA

    • Foundation engineering and post tension installation of 100,000 square feet. Project was designed to hold 225 million pounds of raw sugar.

  • MMR

    • City: Baton Rouge, LA

    • Foundation engineering and turnkey services for 29,000 square feet of deep supported, heavy industrial, rebar foundation.

  • Audi Automotive

    • City: Lafayette, LA

    • Full turnkey services for 32,000 square foot building and 115,000 square foot of commercial paving.

  • Black Gold Casino

    • City: Duson, LA

    • Removal and replacement of 43,200 square feet of 8in thick concrete pavement.


Through previous and present employment, Mr. Ougel has over 10 years of experience in the fields of concrete, foundation construction, construction materials, and construction management. His experiences include overseeing regional day to day operations of a national post-tension firm, foundation construction management, extensive post-tension knowledge, high rise concrete structures, as well as placing and finishing of ready mixed concrete. Mr. Ougel also has years of post-tension foundation construction experience including design, installation, inspecting and stressing, and overseeing operations for over 10,000 foundations. These foundations included slab-on- grade, deep supported systems, and elevated concrete used for single and multi-story commercial, industrial, and residential structures. 

Current & Past Memberships and Affiliations 

  • Acadian Homebuilders Association

  • Capital Region Home Builders Association

  • Tangipahoa Home Builders Association

  • St. Tammany Home Builders Association

  • Greater New Orleans Home Builders Association

  • Bay Area Builders Association Board of Directors

  • Greater Houston Builders Association Associates Council

  • Concrete & Aggregates Association of Louisiana

  • Sponsor Member American Institute of Build Design-Louisiana Chapter 

  • Association of Builders and Contractors 

Current & Past Certifications & Technical Training  

  • Post Tension Institute

    • Certified Level 1 Installer/Stressor Slab on grade

    • Level 2 Post-Tension Inspector 

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)

    • Certified Concrete Finisher Technician 

Representative Project Quality Control Inspection & Testing Experience Continued: 

Current & Past Memberships and Affiliations 

  • BRIS Gymnasium

    • City: Baton Rouge, LA 

    • Foundation engineering and full turnkey, post tension, foundation services of 19,927 square feet.

  • Black Warrior

    • City: Houma, LA

    • Foundation and paving design for 21,810 square feet of post-tension pile supported metal building foundation as well as 82,000 square feet of a post tensioned slab on grade parking lot.

Please Note: This is only a small sampling of Mr. Ougel's work and experience.


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Office Manager

Steven Domingue Shop Foreman 



Shop Foreman 

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