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Post tensioning provides active reinforcement to concrete and enhances concrete strength under both compressive and tensile stresses through the use of tightened cables running through a given slab.




The development of post-tensioning reinforcement in concrete technology has led to post-tension system becoming one of the most critical developments for the building sector. Breakthroughs in post tensioning technologies have enabled engineers to design stable, safer, longer lasting slab-on-ground foundations and sports courts, as well as large structures such as multi-story buildings and parking garages. The differences between rebar and post-tension technologies are substantial. The post tension-system is an efficient technique that reduces costs, decreases installation times, and results in an overall better product at a better price than a fully code compliment, rebar slab.


When considering the differences between post tension reinforcement and rebar, it is important to remember that post tensioning cables provide active reinforcement whereas rebar is a passive system. The difference is enormous in terms of structural integrity, but also in terms of aesthetics. Post tensioning concrete is a system that actively works to control deflections whereas traditional rebar reinforcement only begins to contribute to the tensile  strength of the foundation after deflections begin to occur.


The post tension system reduces costs by decreasing install times, reduces the amount of steel necessary for safe and proper reinforcement,  and by lessening the total yardage of concrete. Often times rebar must be bent and cut and thus a prolonged process ensues. Louisiana Foundation Solutions employs a system that delivers pre-cut, pre-fabricated cables to each job site, and thus crews are only required to place the cables according to the engineer's designs. The simplification of the install results in decreased install times and labor costs. Furthermore, the post tensioning method reduces the total amount of steel in each slab, thus reducing weight, but even more importantly, the post tensioning system drastically reduce the total concrete yardage resulting in amazing cost savings for the customer. 


The post tensioning method has truly propelled the construction sector forward and has allowed for the creation of amazing feats of engineering; however, as with any technology, it is only as good as the user. Our team brings together over one hundred years of experience in deploying post tension technologies for the betterment of our clients. 


Our post tension designs and deployment processes ensure a quick, efficient install. We deliver pre-cut, pre-fabricated cables to every job site. Our experienced crews rapidly deploy cables in accordance with engineering specifications.

Cost Effective:

Our post tension system requires less structural steel, concrete, and labor, which result in a significant cost savings for our clients. Post tension reinforcement is not only a faster and stronger reinforcement system than traditional steel, but also cheaper!


The use of post tension reinforcement allows for the deployment of lighter slabs that are stronger than conventional reinforcement methods. This strength is found as a result of steel cables literally pulling the slab together from all directions.


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Post Tensioning Institute 

This link provides information regarding industry standards and codes as well as other data sets regarding post tensioning reinforcement. 

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