Basic Info: Louisiana Soil

Louisiana is a bastion of cultural diversity. Traveling through the state, one is likely to meet people from all walks of life, but we share one common trait. We are from Louisiana, and being from Louisiana we know about our great states diverse geographical regions. Louisiana's soil content is as diverse as its people, so it is important to know what soil will support your foundation.


It is critical to consider the long-term structural health of your building. The soil upon which your foundation will be built can help gauge long-term structural soundness and provide engineers with the information needed to design a foundation to help your structure endure


If you were to go hiking through a swamp and if you were to stumble across a patch of sinking sand, then you would unlikely build a campsite at that location. Why? The ground is not stable! It may shift during the night or even worse, swallow you and your tent. The same is true when building a parking lot, home, or any structure for that matter. It is important to know the ground upon which you intend to build on can safely support your investment. Now, sure, the ground is unlikely to swallow your new structure, but shifting and swelling soils and an unstable foundation can cause doors to not open, windows to stick, or worse, complete structural failure. Foundation failure should never be a worry!


Before breaking ground on a new project, consider retaining the services of a qualified lab to take a soil sample of your building site. That sample will provide detailed, intricate insight into the soils deep beneath your feet and provide the critical data needed by engineers to properly and safely design a foundation.  


What is a Soil Report?

Louisiana has an ever changing climate and as a result ever changing soils.  A soil report provides engineers with the needed information to engineer a foundation that will work for you in the long term as well as the short term. 

Reference Locations:

For more information we encourage you to visit some of the other websites listed below. Please note, we do not own or control the content of those sites and thus we cannot assure the information provided by them to be correct or the most up to date; however, we consider them to be excellent resources. 



United States Department of Agriculture Soil Survey

American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials

U.S Army Corps of Engineers


Where to get a soil Report?

When choosing a testing lab several complicated factors must be considered. Please contact our office and we will recommend a testing lab specific to your needs and provide guidance on advisable tests and test parameters. 

Soil Erosion & Compaction: 

Soil can cause foundations failures for a wide range or reasons. Two common causes of soil related foundation failure are water erosion and improper soil compaction. If water is able to get underneath a slab and wash away soil, it can cause foundation failures. 


Additionally, when weight is added to soil, it naturally will compact. A soil report identifies the degree of expected settlement.

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