Louisiana Foundation Solutions is a concrete construction firm specializing in post tension foundations, with specific applications, for deep supported structures.

Post Tension Services

Post-tension installation jobs include supply, installation, and stressing of PT jobs throughout the state of Louisiana. Looking to get your plans engineered? Look no further! Our company works with multiple third-party engineering firms to help provide the best design possible for your foundation.

Turnkey Concrete Services

Turnkey jobs are the full package deal. Our experienced team can take your slab from the day that we quote your project through the completion of concrete placement. Your project will be assigned to one of our qualified superintendents to manage the construction of your slab.

Rebar Fabrication

Does your plan require specialty fabricated rebar? If so, feel free to provide us with your specifications and quantities and our estimating team will provide you with a quote!


Our team offers quotes for both post-tension only and turnkey concrete jobs. Our group of in-house estimators will provide bids based off your full architectural plans and Geotech reports. Bids can be expected within 10 business days, upon initial request.


Geaux Post Tension!

Faster Installation

Our team utilizes a system that delivers pre-cut, prefabricated cables to each jobsite before the job is ready for install. This allows us to reduce install time immensely, all awhile being efficient. Install crews have all materials onsite upon arrival, and thus their only job is to install the cables based on the engineered plans for that specific job.

Cost Effective

Our post tension system requires less structural steel, concrete, and labor, resulting in a cost savings for our clients.


The use of post tension reinforcement allows for lighter slabs that are stronger than conventional reinforcement methods. This strength is found because of steel cables literally pulling the slab together from all directions.